There Will Always Be a Need for Actual Physical Wedding Photos

Today’s technology enables most people to take unlimited high definition photos with their phones, tablets, and other devices and store them indefinitely on the Cloud, on a zip drive, or even on the devices themselves.

So does that mean that the days of actual wedding photos printed on high-quality photo stock paper and stored in wedding albums are numbered? Probably not.



Hawaii Destination Wedding — The Future of Wedding Photos

For most people, wedding photos are too valuable to trust to an unseen digital storage server that has the potential to go offline or even go out of service permanently.

Can you imagine not being able to view your wedding photos in the future because of some sort of future cyber attack or a technical malfunction?

That’s why most people still want to have physical copies of their wedding photos, even if they also keep some stored on the Cloud, on a jump drive, or elsewhere in the digital universe.

Hawaii Destination Wedding — Displaying Your Wedding Photos

Another reason physical copies of wedding photos will never go out of style is that most people like to display them in their home.

Portraits of the happy couple hang over fireplaces, in entry hallways, and in other places of honor in homes worldwide. This is a tradition that isn’t likely to change with the advent of digital photography technology.

Hawaii Destination Wedding — The Physical Wedding Photo Difference

In the years to come, your children, grandchildren, and even other future generations will likely view your wedding photos in albums, admiring your wedding outfits and imagining what it was like to be there on your special day.

It’s hard to imagine them doing this while looking at a phone or iPad. Instead, the tradition of paging through a wedding album is likely to continue for many years to come.