Weird Wedding Facts that Probably Will Surprise You

Hawaii wedding photography

Hawaii wedding photography

If you are planning your wedding, you may have already made some — if not all — of the biggest decisions. In fact, you’ve already made the biggest decision of all: Getting married in the first place!

But if you are still considering things like where to go on your honeymoon, where to hold your nuptials, who to invite (and who to leave off the guest list), then some of these interesting and amazing facts about weddings may help you make better choices.

Oahu Photographer — Weird Wedding Facts

Men are more likely to do the asking. In fact, 99 percent of grooms are the ones who do the proposing. And December is the most popular month, accounting for 16 percent of all proposals.

How long is your engagement? In the US, the average is about 14 months. And the groom spends an average of $5,871 on the engagement ring.

Oahu Photographer — Getting Married

Each year, there are about 2.4 million weddings in the US, or an average of 44,230 every weekend. The median age for brides is 27 while for grooms it is 29 years old.

Today, three out of every four engaged couples live together before their actual wedding day. And that may be a good idea because about 13 percent of couples who are engaged don’t end up getting married.

Oahu Photographer — Wedding Costs

The average amount spent on a traditional wedding in the US is $32,641. The average number of guests is 139.

Only about one of every three weddings are held in a church or other religious institution, and each year that number goes down. A total of 43 percent of weddings are officiated by a friend or family member, rather than by a professional.

About one of three people getting married today has been married before. The median age for remarriage is 34 for brides and 37 for grooms.

About 88 percent of people in the US will get married at least once during their life.



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