Kualoa Ranch – Most Picturesque Wedding Venue in Oahu

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Want to leverage the beauty of Oahu photography then select Kualoa Ranch as your wedding venue. It’s a first choice for any Oahu photographer if you are interested in beautiful beach wedding. Kualoa Ranch is the 4000 Acre Private Nature Reserve where famous films like Jurassic World, Godzilla, Skull Island & Jurassic Park were filmed. The site has a view of the mountains as well as water. Awe-inspiring mountains, turquoise waters and gorgeous gardens all await the couple who make the Kualoa Ranch the home of their tropical wedding. Kualoa has several venues for couples to consider for their wedding ceremony and reception like Secret Island Beach, Ranch House Terrace, Hale Moli’i Pavillion, Paliku Gardens, Moli’i Gardens, Hale Ikena and Ka’a’awa Valley.

Secret Island Beach: This private beach is only accessible by boat. Once docked, guests must follow a winding path through mangrove trees before arriving at the white sand beach. The beach can accommodate up to 500 guests. Couples can exchange vows on the white sand with the turquoise water and a view of Mokoli’i Island behind them. There are restrooms at toahu-photograhyhis location. Secret Island Beach is also available for receptions.

Hale Moli’i Pavillion: This indoor-outdoor space is located next to the fish pond. The covered pavilion can accommodate up to 90 guests. Couples may also utilize the surrounding lawn surrounded by giant trees and tropical palms. Couples may tent the lawn as well. The pavilion and lawn together can accommodate up to 400 guests.

Ranch House Terrace: The large terrace at the Ranch House offers open-air covered seating for guests. The covered area can accommodate up to 250 guests. The Ranch House Terrace can also make use of the adjacent lawn, which stretches out towards the water. The lawn can hold up to 600 guests and can be tented. The Ranch House Terrace offers views of the rodeo ring, mountains and Kaneohe Bay.

Paliku Gardens: Paliku Gardens are located at the base of the Kualoa Mountains. The lush area can accommodate 600 guests under large tents. The gardens have an upper and lower terrace with views of the bay, Pacific Island and Mokoli’i Island. The venue also has covered pavilions, a history room, partial kitchen and bathrooms on site.

Moli’i Gardens: This two-tiered garden area has an open-air pavilion on the upper level that can hold up to 100 guests. Couples can also utilize the rest of the lawns, which can accommodate up to 250 people. Moli’i Gardens are located on the shores of the Kualoa’s 125-acre Hawaiian fish pond. The area has a grand staircase that leads down to the waterfront.

Hale Ikena and Ka’a’awa Valley: This breathtaking valley is reached by ATV or helicopter. Hale Ikena is a covered open-air pavilion surrounded by the mountains. Couples can utilize the Hale Ikena or a more rugged spot of their choosing for ceremonies and photographs.

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