Hawaii Destination – Requires Extra Planning

wedding-couple-by-the-beachCouples who plan on traveling to Hawaii to have their wedding often encounter unexpected obstacles during the planning process.

Hawaii destination weddings are often smaller than traditional weddings on the mainland because not all of the couples, friends, family, and acquaintances are likely to make the journey.

Still, getting married in Hawaii requires a little different planning.

Hawaii Destination Wedding — Set the Date

For one thing, you may want to set the date of your wedding a little farther out than you would if you were to hold it in your hometown. That’s because you and just about all of your guests are going to have to make travel arrangements — including airline tickets, hotels, and ground transportation — that they probably wouldn’t require for a local wedding.

Your guests also may need to arrange for time off work, child care, and other arrangements so they can make the trip. Giving them as much advance notice as possible is considerate on your part.

Hawaii Destination Wedding — Making the Arrangements

Another major difference is that you probably will need to make most of the arrangments for your wedding and reception from a remote location.

Although ideally you would want to travel to Hawaii ahead of time to tour banquet facilities, look at wedding venues, and make all of your arrangements in person, that may not always be practical.

Hawaii Destination Wedding — Hiring the Photographer

Hiring a local photographer in Hawaii is a better idea than hiring someone from your hometown and then paying their travel expenses, which could be more than the cost of the photographic services.

Marcia Campbell is one of the most popular wedding photographers in Hawaii, having photographed dozens of both local and destination weddings.

Review our portfolio online and call us to discuss the specifics for your event and there will be one less thing for you to worry about for your Hawaii destination wedding.