Check One Item Off Your Wedding Planning List

plant-hawaii-wedding-green-white-bouquetIn some ways, planning a Hawaii destination wedding is easier than planning a big wedding in your hometown. For one thing, there are likely to be fewer guests.

A typical Hawaii destination wedding includes mostly just the couple’s closest family and friends. So rather than having to plan for hundreds of people, couples typically usually only need to worry about planning for a couple of dozen people at most.

In other ways, however, planning a Hawaii destination wedding is more stressful because most couples can’t physically visit all of the potential vendors the way they might if they were getting married locally.

Hawaii Destination Wedding — Planning Complications

Prior to a traditional mainland wedding, most couples might spend weeks or even months visiting various banquet halls, listening to tapes from different wedding bands, and sampling the cuisines of different catering companies.

With a Hawaii destination wedding, most of those things need to be done online. While you can see different banquet facilities, for example, it’s more likely to be a virtual tour than an actual tour.

That can make planning a Hawaii destination wedding more complicated than a traditional local wedding. Unless the couple is willing to take on the time and expense of flying out to the islands during the planning stages, there’s a lot more that needs to be taken on faith.

Hawaii Destination Wedding — Hiring a Wedding Photographer

One aspect of planning your Hawaii destination wedding that you don’t have to take on faith is hiring a wedding photographer.

With today’s high-speed, high-definition technology, it’s actually easier than ever to review the work of wedding photographers online than it is driving around town going to various photography studios. And it doesn’t matter if the photographer is based in the couple’s hometown or thousands of miles away in Hawaii.