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Paradise Cove is an outdoor venue for weddings on the west side of Oahu. Kate and Pru love to sail and chose Paradise Cove to be close to the sea.

This month, I was honor to have this beautiful wedding published and featured on the Borrowed & Blue website

Borrowed & Blue posted Paradise Cove Same-Sex Wedding — Destination Hawaii Wedding

I understand there is a lot of anxiety on planning a destination wedding and most wedding couples have to rely on referrals from the venue or online testimonials. The most important thing is trust!
Kate and Pru contact me first via email as a referral from Paradise Cove, and we began a conversation. As soon as they arrived in Hawaii, we schedule an in person meeting to discuss all the details and learn more about them.
The wedding was small, intimate and elegant where Hawaii was the middle point between Australia and UK. A family gathering to celebrate love and beauty!

Destination Hawaii Wedding — Family and Friends came to Hawaii from Australia and UK

Find here a few words from Kate about their story and why they chose a Hawaii Destination Wedding:
Pru is a keen sailor, and we both love the beach.We decided to get married in Hawaii, as same-sex marriage is not legal in Australia. As we both love the outdoors, and Pru is a sailor, it was important for us to get married near the ocean, and where better to do it than Hawaii.Pru and I first met in 2007. However, we did not start dating until 2010. I was working in a pub across the road from where Pru works. She came in one day with her friends and said: “You see that gorgeous girl behind the bar, she’s going to be my girlfriend one day!!” Apparently, this was received with laughter from her friends, as they did not think this was realistic, and I was with someone else at the time.In 2010 on my day off, I went to the pub with my father to have a drink, and Pru and her friend Casey were playing pool, I invited Pru to come and have a drink with me after I finished work that Saturday evening. She agreed and entered into the pub two hours before I finished. After a lot of laughs, fun and a few drinks, well, the rest is history. Since 2010 we have traveled the world, sailed, scuba dived, and filled our lives with fun family and friends. I’m just lucky that on the 28th of October 2015 in Hawaii, I got to marry my best friend in front of our friends and family.
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