Marcia Campbell

Marcia Campbell credits her rising star in photography to being “in the right place at the right time.” It was 1986 at the Rio Marathon, and the young news reporter captured a truly iconic image of the runner’s faces as they neared the finish line. This extraordinary photo was printed in a local Brazilian newspaper with credits, and marked the first in a series of unbelievable shots featured in the same publication.

In fact, it was this portfolio that introduced Marcia to the realm of photography she would then pursue: weddings. A client saw her printed images and hired Marcia on a whim to document a friend’s nuptials. Marcia fell head over heels with the satisfaction brought to her by capturing the bride and grooms unbridled happiness on their wedding day.

Marcia relocated to Oahu and began her wedding photography career in earnest. Drawing on her skills of calm and unobtrusive documentation as well as a keen eye for moment, style and inspired composition, Marcia crafted a reputation for iconic lifestyle wedding images that showcased her clients in their most vibrant, joyful and passionate light. Her vivacious photography style was awarded in 1999, when she was recognized by her Hawaii photography peers as the “Professional Photographer of the Year” and honored with the prestigious Kodak Gallery Award.

On December 9, 2011 Marcia’s life entered another transition when she was struck in a hit-and-run while on her bike. Although she still does not have any recollection of the accident, Marcia was in serious condition with several fractures to her face that required surgery as well as her head, back and hands. She felt that she had “knocked on heaven’s door and God told me to turn around and go back to where I came from. ‘It’s not your time yet! You have work to do, and love to share. Go back and continue with your life!”

Supported by the wedding community on Oahu with a large fundraiser and several photographers who volunteered to shoot her weddings as she recovered, Marcia laboriously recovered and in the process added an ethereal perspective of transition and healing to her work. Several clients read her story and reached out to have Marcia capture portraits of beloved family members gathered in final moments. Her experience, wisdom and attuned nature to life’s milestones have lent themselves to a new level of wedding and lifestyle artistry, creating priceless images of gathered family and infatuated lovers that will endure long past the memories themselves.

– Kristen Klingensmith


We believe that weddings are a social celebration of a very sacred commitment. We feel honored to be participants in every wedding we shoot and treat both the day and the people involved with the highest level of integrity, creativity, respect for all cultures and religious background. Most of all, weddings are a day filled with beauty and magic that emerges effortlessly. We believe our job is to capture that magic in the most authentic way – unobtrusively, honestly, joyfully. We are a cutting edge photography studio, offering the most recent advances in the photography field. We are always well versed in the latest wedding trends and bride preferences. Our approach is artistic, romantic and heartfelt always in the best of taste. We strive for the perfect combination of portraits and documentary style with timeless elegance.

Our focus is on relationships and all elements that brings people together. Our mission is to honor photography as an art form and try to highlight the laughter, tears, and passion that you and your guests will be feeling. We understand that each person is unique in their style, personality, and biography and strive to produce images that reflect that soulful beauty of every individuality. We understand our client needs for exclusive, classic products and exceed their expectations. We represent the grace, distinction, and style that is possible in wedding and portrait photography. Love is all around!


1, How would you describe your style?

Our style is really a hybrid. We have so many inspirations that come from so many different places and try to implement them in our images. We love the raw emotion of spontaneous expressions and the seductive, mysterious look of fashion photography. In short, our style is something we like to call artistic, romantic, heartfelt. Lighting, composition, interaction and choosing locations very carefully makes an image. As far as our photojournalistic side-we never interrupt a moment. We never pose situations that are already so magical on their own. We are an observer most of the time. Our methods combine photojournalistic unobtrusiveness with a playful sense of leadership. The result is an eclectic blend of lifestyle images that are remarkably stunning as well as natural. We love your style but would love to have some classic portraiture. Is this something you do? We do classic portraiture at most of our weddings and portraits. Even the most modern brides still want the heirlooms that family portraiture creates. It’s important to reserve time for portrait creation.

2. Do you shoot with film or digital?

I began my career with film working with 5 different cameras at the same time. Today we are 100 percent digital since 2006.The creative latitude that digital gives is beyond compare. When we shoot, we not only shoot for the moment, but have a clear vision of what the finished image will look like. By shooting digitally, the possibilities are limitless! And yes, the quality of digital is as good as film.

3. I'm having a religious ceremony. Are you familiar with the events that will take place?

We welcome and respect differences and diversity from cultures and religious background. We have been blessed to have photographed many, many different types of weddings. We’ve documented Catholic, Greek, Jewish, Hindu, Episcopalian, Non- denominational Christian, Buddhist and Lebonese-Catholic ceremonies. If you are having a wedding that is not listed here we would absolutely love to learn all about the customs and events.

4. How much do you charge?

Commission are subjective to time of coverage and finished products included. Are you interest on a beautiful prime leather book? or prefer something else? Please fill up my contact page or give me a call to learn more about your needs and vision of your special event. I will email back a price list in 24 hours on week days.

5. How many images do you take?

I usually give an estimate of 100 images per hour. The numbers can vary according to the dynamics and amount of interaction during the experience. I want to make sure I don’t miss anything and have a great collection of images.

6. How long does it take for us to see the images?

After we return from an event images go through a process of culling and color correction. The online gallery will be ready for preview and sharing in 3 to 4 weeks and all printed order of products will be deliver in 9 to 12 weeks after you submit your selection. Book design require a signed approval before sending out to print and bind.

7. What about if rain and whether does not allow environmental images?

Hawaii is unpredictable and we are not afraid to get wet and very good on improvising with the flow. Portrait session can always be reschedule. Weddings are as is, however we offer an hour session as a courtesy on a week day to make a collection of images.

8. What about if you get sick and can not work?

A cold it’s not enough to cancel a commitment and many times I had work while I was sick without anybody noticing. As you read-in my about page, years ago I was in a hit and run accident when riding my bike. Hospitalized with multiple fractures and unable to work, I experience the support of the whole industry offering to serve my clients and fulfill my commitment. Life is a dynamic experience and a learning journey, with a reason for everything. Are you somebody that lives in fear that something can happen? or Are you a person that lives in full at the present moment and make the best of it?

9. Can our family and friends take pictures?

Yes, they can. Everybody brings cameras, iPhone and iPads and we can’t prevent it. Just remember we are being commission to do our best for you and we advise educating your family they can enjoy without interfering over photographer’s field of energy.